Art collection of the University of Jyväskylä

The University of Jyväskylä art collection, consisting of over a thousand artworks, has been placed around the campuses, in public premises as well as in workspaces. The main focus of the collection, which includes both modern art and portraits from the days of the Teacher Seminary, is on works created by local artists. The art acquisitions of the University era highlight graphic arts, for which Jyväskylä is renowned.
The portrait collection comprises about 90 works portraying the leading figures of the University and its predecessors. 
Charlotta Lydecken toimi Jyväskylän seminaarin naisosaston johtajattarena vuosina 1867-1893. Maria Wiikin maalama muotokuva on vuodelta 1891.Charlotta Lydecken worked as a headmaster of the Teacher Training Seminar in years 1867-1893. Painting by Maria Wiik ,1891. Photo: Pekka Helin.

The University of Jyväskylä art collection has its origins in the artworks acquired for the Jyväskylä Teacher Seminary (1863–1937).

The number of items collected during the time of the Seminary was relatively modest, less than fifty pieces.

Events in the surrounding society and the different phases in the history of the University have left their individual imprint on the nature of the collection. The art displayed on the campuses has served as a tool for art and culture education, but it has also enhanced local cultural life and strengthened the identity of the academic community.

The art enriching the interiors and exteriors of the campuses offers aesthetic experiences and makes the University’s working and learning environments more stimulating and welcoming.

About the collection (in Finnish).

 Collection photos in carousel:

Carl Bengts: Talvimaisema Tourujoelta, 1912. Photo: Pekka Helin.
Irma Melaja: Hevonen, 1990. Valtion taideteostoimikunnan deponointi. Photo: Johan Knaus.
Riitta Uusitalo: Joutsen, 1998. Photo: Johan Knaus.
Anna Seppälä: Puulajipuisto, 2004. Photo: Johan Knaus.
Kari Huhtamo: N:o 7632, 1976. Valtion taideteostoimikunnan deponointi. Photo: Johan Knaus.
Elli Manninen: Tulisipa aurinko meille kylään, 1998. Photo: Johan Knaus.
Ernst Mether-Borgström: Punaisia ja sinisiä palloja, 1959. Photo: Johan Knaus.