Jyväskylä University Botanical Garden

Did you know that the University area encompasses a botanic garden? The JYU Botanic Garden consists of a park of nearly 36 hectares, including the greenspaces of all JYU campuses, Seminaarinmäki, Mattilanniemi, and Ylistönrinne. When walking on any of these campuses, you are walking in a botanic garden! Look around, spot plant names and admire the flowers!

Find out more about the areas, collections, and history of the botanic garden, the nature present on campus, or the official plant of the JYU Botanic Garden, ‘Oppio’, the Chinese crab-apple. The website also features a map for a self-guided tour in the Seminaarinmäki garden (Garden walk).

European Heritage Label awarded to the Seminaarinmäki Campus and its tradition of equality in education

In April 2022 the European Commission awarded the European Heritage Label to the Seminaarinmäki campus of the University of Jyväskylä. The campus was the first recipient of the label in Finland and in the Nordic countries. The Seminaarinmäki campus is a unique whole constructed over a period of more than 150 years. It is an expression of the fundamental significance of the Finnish and European school system for equitable and democratic society. The label increases European citizens’ knowledge of European history and the construction of the Union as well as of the shared, diverse cultural heritage. Read more:
JYU Seminaarinmäki campus and Equality in Education is awarded the first European Heritage Label in Finland (April/2022)

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