Collections in use of research and study

Collection services of University Museum serve students, researchers and public information requests.

The international collection code of the Jyväskylä University Museum is JYV.

Cultural history item collections are part of the history of teaching and research. The most common item types represent the broad range of the collections: handicrafts, drawings, notebooks, teaching aids, research equipment, chairs, shirts, classroom posters, flags, plates, card indexes, and more.

The natural science collections include around 310,000 samples. The largest collections contain insects, vascular plants, mosses and fungi. The museum also has smaller collections of stuffed mammals and birds, skeletons, skins, geological samples and fossils.

The museum’s collection items are mostly borrowed for scientific research. If you wish to study the collection or borrow items from it, please contact the museum curators first. The collection rooms are often used by researchers who are working on their dissertations or other studies. Some of the collection items can be found in open databases.


Cultural history item collections:
Coordinator Anna-Elina Hintikka, anna-elina.s.hintikka(at), Tel. +358 50 5651 197 (Items and artefacts)
Curator Marja-Liisa Hyvönen, marja-liisa.hyvonen(at), Tel. +358 40 5272 802 (Photos and archived material)
Coordinator Teemu Korkiakangas, teemu.korkiakangas(at), Tel. +358 40 8053 273 (Recordings and items)
University art collections:
Head of the Museums Pirjo Vuorinen, pirjo.vuorinen(at), Tel.+358 40 5506 099

Collections of natural science:
Curator Jyrki Torniainen, jyrki.torniainen(at), Tel. +358 50 5316 508