Events in the areas of the Botanical Garden

Several guided tours are organised annually in the areas of the Botanical Garden with various themes. We also organise various events to special audiences.

Several guided tours are organised annually in the areas of the Botanical Garden with themes like history, vegetation or insects, for instance. We also organise various events to promote biodiversity in the area, such as volunteer work on a meadow, as well as insect hotel workshops and other events encouraging people to increase biodiversity. The events are organised in collaboration with different cooperation partners such as the City of Jyväskylä – Kehä Vihreä, Japa ry – Jyväskylän kestävä kehitys ry, Jyväskylä Festival, and the Yläkaupungin yö festival. In addition to the Botanic Garden, these events also involve other partners from the University of Jyväskylä, such as the Fading Nature project, Resource Wisdom Community JYU Wisdom, the Department of Biological and Environmental Science, JYUniors, Science for All, and Jyväskylä University Museum.

You can find information about upcoming events from the social media channels of the Botanical Garden and Jyväskylä University Museum, JYU event calendars as well as our cooperation partners’ information materials.

Lawns into meadows - workshop 6.-7.7.2024 11am-3pm at Mattilanniemi park. Do you want to do something small for biodiversity and learn how to turn useless grasslands into meadows in your own yard? Come and join us, more info: Jyväskylän kesä festival program.

On Seminaarinmäki, you can walk through Bombus Medley, a bumblebee walk produced by the Evolution Workshops project. It is a funny and interesting audio nature path for children and adults alike, where you can learn about the evolution of bumblebees as well as their interaction with plants.

You will also hear about, for example, how bumblebees communicate and what life is like in a bumblebee community.

Following the QR-coded points, you can take a bumblebee walk around Seminaarinmäki and listen to or read the material of for point using your mobile smart device. You can find a map of the points on the audio nature path and other additional information on the Evolution Workshops website: Kimalaiskimara



The outdoor areas are open for everyone at all times, and you can find plant name plates especially on Seminaarinmäki and in Aalto Park.

View or print a map from here for a self-guided tour in the Seminaarinmäki garden.

Starting address: Seminaarinkatu 15, 40100 Jyväskylä.