Seminaarinmäki Well-being path

Seminaarinmäki Well-being path will be open for use 19.5.2023 and it consists of four different excersises scattered around the Seminary Park. The well-being path project is a collaboration between Jyväskylä University Botanical Garden, Jyuniorit (junior university) and Jyväskylä university students of psychology. Well-being path celebrates the University of Jyväskylä 160 years jubilee and the 140 years old Seminary Park. The funding of this project came from Jyväskylä University Foundation (Jyväskylän Yliopistosäätiö).

The exercises are free to use for every student, member of staff or visitor in the area. Hopefully it will give you a little relaxing break during your school or work day and also bring you closer to nature. You can find the exercises translated into English and the map of the locations below on this site. The QR codes on the exercise signposts will direct you to these pages.

You will find the signposts with the exercises located aroud the Seminary park (map below). You can do the exercises in any order you like, and every exercise will take about 10-15 minutes each. You can find more info and background studies on every exercise here also (just click the exercise open from the links below).



JYUniorit-sin_valkea_pohja.pngKasvitieteellinen puutarha_logoväri.pngjuhlalogo.JPG


1. Villa Rana Garden (lower slope next to the hammocks):  VALUES AND COMMITTED ACTION

  • Open the exercise and additional info here   


2. PAJA-building (I) (Old forge, backyard next to the stone seatings): STONES OF GRATITUDE

  • Open the exercise and additional info here


3. Forest path on the northern slope (between R building parking plot and G building): WELL-BEING FROM NATURE: AN EXERCISE FOR OBSERVING NATURE

  • Open the exercise and additional info here


4.  G-Building (pavement behind the P-parking lot sign, front yard): MINDFUL MOVEMENT

  • Open the exercise and additional info here




Materials by:

Students of psychology (JYU): Tiina Salmirinne, Linnea Simulainen, Venla Ruuhonen and Katariina Räihä

JYUniorit: coordinator Jonna Timonen

Botanical garden: coordinator Hanna Keljo